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Whether you’re dreaming of a captivating block paving driveway, a charming paved patio, or a secure new fence, L.C.S. Driveways & Garden Services expert teams at Block Paving Driveways, Paving Slabs Northampton, and Fencing Solutions Northampton are here to turn your vision into reality. Contact us today to get started on your project and discover the endless possibilities for enhancing your Northamptonshire property.


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Fencers in Northampton

Upgrade the privacy and security of your property, in Northampton with our Fencing Replacement service. If you’re seeking to enhance your property’s privacy and security in Northampton then look no further than L.C.S. Driveways & Garden Services Fencing Replacement service. We fully recognise the significance of having a maintained fence, which is why our skilled team specialises in replacing worn-out or damaged fences.

Fencing services in Northampton

We offer a range of fencing materials and styles to cater to your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a wall or a low-maintenance vinyl option, our Fencing Replacement service ensures both security and appeal for your property. Rest assured our expertise will provide lasting fencing solutions for years to come.

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With our expertise in fencing installation, you can trust us to handle your project with precision and attention to detail. Our highly skilled and trained fencers have the knowledge and experience to ensure a seamless installation process. We have built a reputation for excellence in Northampton and strive to maintain our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Fence Repairs and Maintenance.

If your existing fence needs repairs or maintenance, our team is here to help. We provide prompt and efficient repair services to address any damages or issues with your fence. Our fencers will conduct a thorough inspection and assessment to determine the best course of action. We offer affordable and cost-effective solutions to restore the functionality and appearance of your fence.

Closeboard Fencing: Superior Security for Northampton Properties

Northampton property owners seeking durability and security often turn to Closeboard Fencing, a robust solution provided by expert L.C.S. Northampton Fencers. This type of fencing is known for its strength and resilience, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. Constructed from vertical overlapping feather-edge boards, Closeboard Fencing offers enhanced privacy and protection against the elements.

Northampton Fencers excel in installing Closeboard Fencing, ensuring precision and longevity. The design provides a solid barrier, making it an excellent choice for maintaining privacy in gardens or securing perimeters. With the craftsmanship of Northampton Fencers, residents can trust that their Closeboard Fencing will withstand the local climate and provide lasting security for years to come.

Featherboard Fencing: Aesthetic Appeal Meets Functionality in Northampton

Many property owners in Northampton who value durability and security often choose Closeboard Fencing, a resilient solution provided by the L.C.S. Garden & Fencers team. This type of fencing is well known for its robustness, making it an excellent option for both commercial purposes. Closeboard Fencing consists of overlapping feather edge boards, which not offers enhanced privacy but also provides protection against various weather conditions.

L.C.S. Northampton Fencers specialise in the installation of Closeboard Fencing with precision. Focus on longevity. The design ensures a barrier making it an ideal choice for maintaining privacy within gardens or securing property perimeters. Residents can rely on the craftsmanship of Northampton Fencers to ensure that their Closeboard Fence will withstand climate challenges while offering long-term security.

For property owners in Northampton who seek a combination of aesthetics and functionality Featherboard Fencing presents an alternative. The skilled team at Northampton Fencers excels in creating Featherboard Fencing that adds charm to any property. This style of fencing comprises overlapping boards, which gives it an more decorative appearance while still providing adequate security and privacy.

L.C.S. Northampton Fencers bring their expertise to Featherboard Fence installations, blending style with functionality. The result is fencing that not only enhances the appeal of properties in Northampton but also serves as a reliable barrier against unwelcome intrusions.
Opt for Featherboard Fencing, a reliable choice meticulously crafted by the team at Northampton Fencers.

Picket Fencing: Timeless Elegance for Northampton Homes

L.C.S. Northampton Fencers offers a range of fencing options. Picket Fencing stands out as a timeless and charming choice, for residential properties in Northampton. It features evenly spaced boards with either an flat top adding a touch of classic elegance to homes.

When it comes to installing Picket Fencing the experts at Northampton Fencers are known for their skill and precision. They create boundaries that enhance the curb appeal of any property. This style of fencing is particularly popular for front or sectioned gardens as it provides an open feel while offering demarcation. Homeowners can showcase their style by choosing between white picket fences or natural wood finishes.

Rest assured that when you choose L.C.S. Northampton Fencers, your Picket Fence will be aesthetically pleasing, durable and expertly constructed. It’s the choice for those seeking a classic and long-lasting fencing solution that adds charm to landscapes in Northampton.

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The duration of the installation process varies based on the project’s scope. Our team strives to work efficiently without compromising quality. During construction, we aim to minimise disruption and inform you of the progress to ensure a smooth experience. Feel free to contact us by using our online direct contact form.

Absolutely! Our skilled fencers are experienced in repairing all types of fence damage. Whether you have broken panels, loose posts, or damaged gates, we have the expertise to restore your fence to its original condition. Feel free to contact us by using our online direct contact form.

Maintenance requirements depend on the chosen fencing material. We guide upkeep to prolong the life of your fencing. Additionally, all our installations come with a warranty, offering you peace of mind and assurance in the quality of our workmanship. Feel free to contact us by using our online direct contact form.

Yes, we provide additional features like gates and security measures to enhance the functionality of your fencing. Whether you need a decorative gate or heightened security, our team can discuss options that align with your requirements. Feel free to contact us by using our online direct contact form.


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